Perri O’Callaghan

Junior Learning Technologist

Perri is the youngest member of our team. Technology has advanced immensely over the last ten years and Perri has been at the heart of this digital revolution having grown up through this exciting period in history and as a result he is naturally, digitally literate. Beginning his career with Go Mobile, Perri quickly gained a unique understanding of  the importance of technology in the workplace and within education. As his confidence and communication skills grew, so did his ambitions to progress into a technology orientated role.

During his time in this role, he could not comprehend how so many members of the public needed assistance with the basic functions of a common smartphone. He spent a lot of time demonstrating how to properly utilise a smartphone and left many people not only informed on the matter, but very grateful for showing them. As part of this work, Perri also developed his own cloud based skills and offered extra guidance to clients on this matter.

Perri was then granted his wish; a career in digital world. He was offered a role as a digital marketing apprentice. As he was eased into the vast world of marketing, it was one of his roles to manage the social media accounts for his company. In doing this he developed an understanding on how effective social media can be when used professionally and was the company’s main controller of their Google Analytics portal allowing the company to review and monitor customer engagement. Another of Perri’s roles was to piece together a blog every month, Perri stating that this is indeed his “forte” and we will soon be showcasing these skills on our own website.

Perri has joined us here at Aspire 2Be as our first Jobs Growth Wales employee taking on the exciting role of Junior Learning Technologist with the intention of becoming a key part of our bespoke #OneTeam. With his digital skillset already broadened, and his eagerness to learn pushing him daily, we have no doubt that Perri will be successful.

Outside of work, Perri’s played football at many levels throughout his life, so his teamwork skills are impeccable. He understands the link between a strong bond amongst a team and success, so our OneTeam approach made every sense to him.

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