About Aspire2Be

Aspire2Be (A2B) is a highly successful Education Technology company. We craft creative, bespoke solutions which combine pedagogy, curriculum and technology, in order to develop outstanding teaching and learning skills development. Principally, delivery is to the education sector but a burgeoning commercial arm, now also services business, professional sport and the wider community. Aspire2Be employs a team of leading, experienced, expert educationalists, IT technicians and practiced business professionals. We strive to make a real difference through the development of innovative processes, creative products and intelligent work.

Our product portfolio has a local, national and international dimension. We offer our clients the opportunity to make strategic, pedagogical, technical and transformational change with technology at its heart. Our government change programmes across both Guernsey and Jersey are hugely successful and have led to a systemic alteration in the way that both governments interact with the educational establishments under their control. The provision of a clear digital framework for schools and colleges is designed to ensure transformational change, through which the wider communities of both islands will benefit. Through our work with local authorities, international schools, academy trusts and large professional sporting organisations such as the Ospreys, we provide digital solutions for brand development whilst ensuring positive engagement with education providers and the wider community.This work has led to both recognition and accreditation from global tech leaders Apple and Google.